"Logic will get you from A-Z;
imagination will take you everywhere.

- Albert Einstein - 

I am a Thai fashion designer and buyer with a passion for textiles, arts and cultures.  

I love exploring the world searching for traditional things with an ethnic feel.

Along this journey, I have found so much more than I ever expected to find. I have found friendship, love, laughter, joy and tears. That being said, I would like to preserve the cultural textiles and arts. Today less people are aware of the value and authenticity, because these handmade products are becoming more expensive and time consuming to produce. The reality is these pieces of art, which have been worn for centuries are slowly becoming obsolete. My goal is to preserve the traditional fabrics and styles to create more wearable clothing that will appeal to the 21st century consumer.


Every day is wonderful, and filled with new learning experiences that I wish to share with the world. More importantly I hope to help others along the way. Together my aunt, Peemphun Narakulmongkol, and I founded Chantreemas's Collectibles. We have traveled the globe together and continue to find and later produce beautiful treasures that will fit your home and your lifestyle.


We are welcome you all to our journey!

Chantreemas Sittipornpan

Co-Founder & Fashion designer